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An unforeseen repair or an extraordinary purchase in the household presents many people with a high financial hurdle. Those who do not have a sufficient credit line are forced to take out an electronic payday loan in such situations. Electronic payday loans that are still processed today and can be paid out in the shortest possible time are offered by the website here.

Paying off the loan applied for within 24 hours can be realistic for solvent borrowers. If you apply for a quick loan online on a working day, you can expect a credit decision within a few hours. The loan application must be sent to the post office on the same day with the current payslips and valid identification documents. The identity of the borrower is determined using the post-ident procedure.

Since letters in Germany reach the recipient the next day, the credit company receives the necessary documents the next day. Depending on the payment type selected, the loan amount is either transferred to the specified current account as normal or delivered by post. Lightning transfers, which are subject to charges, are also offered by many banks. Loans that are still disbursed today are possible from credit companies with branches near their home if this is listed in the loan offer.

If you need money quickly, you usually have to pay for it

If you need money quickly, you usually have to pay for it

Special fees are required for loans that are applied for today and that should be paid out as quickly as possible. For the quick and preferential treatment, higher processing fees are due than with a normal application processing. The lending rates are slightly higher than for normal small or consumer loans.

If payment is made after the submitted documents have been checked, the particularly rapid transfer or money order must also be paid by post by the borrower. Due to the high workload, not many credit companies provide these fast loans. Credit intermediaries and credit companies that offer payment on the same day should be checked carefully before submitting the application.

Not everyone gets lightning or quick loan on the Internet

In order for a quick credit decision to be made, the borrower must be able to provide positive Credit bureau information and a very good credit rating. Unemployed people or borrowers with ongoing judicial dunning proceedings or affidavits are not taken into account for these loans.

Since the online banks only respond to the statements made in the application form to a limited extent, the current payslips must also be sent to the credit company by post. If all the information matches and the repayment is secured, loans that are still applied for today can be paid out with a lightning transfer if requested.