Qatar Airways has served London Heathrow for 25 years. It passed from London Gatwick, which saw aircraft including the B747SR (a larger-capacity, shorter-range B747-100) operating via Cairo in both directions without fifth freedom traffic rights.

The Heathrow launch follows a change in leadership, including the arrival of Akbar Al Baker, and a fundamental shift in the carrier’s ambition. He planned to triple the size of the airline by the end of 1997.

Heathrow was at the forefront of Qatar Airways’ changes. And in the past 18 years alone, it has flown up to six daily departures, operated 11 aircraft types/variants on a regular basis and had fully premium A319 service. According to Cirium, more than 60,000 Heathrow flights have operated with more than 20 million seats for sale.

Qatar Airways A340-600

Qatar Airways at Heathrow

Doha to Heathrow is generally Qatar Airways’ main route, which is no different in 2022. According to Cirium, it has more flights, seats and available seat-miles than any other. This despite Heathrow being at 88% of its 2019 capacity and back to 2015 levels.

Still, it has around 1.5 million Heathrow seats for sale this year, with up to five departures a day. It’s not a record number, but it’s not surprising in the current environment.

In the week beginning April 2, its Heathrow flight schedule is as follows, with all local times:

Doha to Heathrow:

  1. 01:55-07:00; QR9; A380
  2. 08:05-13:10; QR3; A380
  3. 09:05-14:10; QR7; B777-300ER and B777-200LR
  4. 12:55-6:00 p.m.; QR1; B777-300ER
  5. 3:05 p.m.-8:10 p.m.; QR15; B777-300ER

Heathrow to Doha:

  1. 09:00-17:40; QR10; A380
  2. 3:05 p.m.-11:45 p.m.; 4; A380
  3. 16:00-00:40+1; QR8; B777-300ER and B777-200LR
  4. 21:20-06:00+1; QR2; B777-300ER
  5. 9.40pm-6.20am+1; QR16; B777-300ER

Qatar Airways LHR

25 years later, Heathrow remains Qatar Airways’ largest market. Photo: Qatar Airways.

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